Pasquale's Tamales... tastes so good you'll suck the shuck! Maker of all natural, no preservatives hot tamales hand rolled in corn shucks. Based in Helena, Arkansas, Pasquale's Tamales are a Delta tradition!



Pasquale's Tamales... shuck suckin' good!

All Natural - No Additives - No Preservatives - Hand Rolled
Mexican hot tamales that taste so good, you'll suck the shucks!

Pasquale's Mexican Hot Tamales are made in Helena, Arkansas. The Pasquale hot tamale is a Delta tradition that tastes so good you'll suck the shuck!Joe St. Columbia, Jr. is proprietor of Pasquale's Tamales in West Helena, Arkansas. His Sicilian-American family has been making hot tamales since the early years of the twentieth century. Now considered a specialty gourmet food, Pasquale's Tamales have become a Delta tradition!

It all began when Joe's Sicilian immigrant grandfather settled in the Delta and visited the cotton fields and sawmills along the levee, delivering foods as a merchant. He was a peddler marketing his wares to the immigrant workers that worked along the river. Basic similarities between Italian and Spanish made it possible for Pasquale St. Columbia to communicate with the Mexican workers he met and befriended, and they taught him to make the hearty and delicious portable food they brought to work in the fields day after day. Migrant workers shared their hot tamales in other cotton towns, and eventually the tradition of Delta tamales took hold.

Pasquale's Tamales are Presidential Approved! Click here for more details.Today, Pasquale's Tamales is a thriving tamale business in the little Delta town of West Helena, Arkansas, shipping thousands of the spicy, all-beef hot tamales made from Pasquale's heirloom recipe all over the country. St. Columbia, Jr. lines corn shucks with masa he makes from freshly ground yellow corn meal, uses only the finest quality beef and spices in the filling, and simmers the hand-rolled tamales in a spicy broth for six hours rather than steaming them. Pasquale's Tamales... tastes so good you'll suck the shuck!

Made in Helena, Arkansas, Pasquale's Mexican Hot Tamales taste so good, you'll suck the shuck!

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